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This Wikia was created to store information on RK Sympathy, an organization that spreads mental health awareness through various forms of media.

About RK Sympathy

RK Sympathy is a company that helps spread mental illness awareness by using a program called 'UTAU'. UTAU is a program in which you can create your own, or use someone else's computer-generated singer.

RK Sympathy's voices for this program are called Sympathyloids. Each Sympathyloid is diagnosed with a mental illness, and so their story is built upon how they deal with it. They're each creating to show an example of what those who suffer from it in real life must deal with.

The music we create together tells the story of each, bit by bit. The songs express their feelings in situations they're going through, so you get an inside look around their mind and how they think.

Once again, these are examples, and not to be taken as how every person deals with or experiences the illness.



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